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Seeking crystal clear clarity

Our Purpose & Values

Our purpose is to aid businesses through clarity. With clarity we can see where your business wants to go and all of the steps that will take you there. Our vision for clarity comes from our shared love for surfing! The idea is that with a crystal-clear, water-like clarity, businesses are able to see all aspects of their operations and navigate clearly with understanding and focus.


We offer personalised solutions to specific problems, therefore it is essential that we partner with businesses as allies and walk alongside you for the journey. Business and marketing strategy is full of complexities and we focus on unpacking the process, getting to heart of the issues and opportunities quickly, so that we can drive a plan together to get results.

We’re in it for the long-haul; committed to serve, partner and to help.


Our Company

A fresh, forward thinking & collaborative consultancy 

Wise Allies came about from us having a passion to help small businesses grow, which led to us identifying problems that many come up against when managing strategies and looking to expand in their markets.


Together, we have corporate, commercial and operations experience. We want to offer small businesses the opportunity to access this high level of expertise, so that they can get ahead in the game. This is also the advantage of working with a small team, as you will have full access to both of us working together to assist your business, with fresh and progressive ideas.


As a company we operate from 3 pillars; which are Clarity, Choices and Collaboration. Each of these are a key component in how we work with you and your business and provide a base to allow us to formulate strategic plans which enable business to grow.

Meet the Team

Hayden got into consulting after 20 years in corporate, specialising in food and beverages, while Julian has similar experience in the commercial finance and operations sectors.


We both have shared skills in marketing and-ecommerce, new business development, product innovation, category management and retailer relationships; so we caught up to chat about our passion for wanting to help small businesses with our expertise. Our initial planning was to establish how our values and purposes aligned, which is what gave us the idea of clarity; it’s something that we continually focus on, drive and understand to be core to success.


We believe that by being a small team, businesses have a better opportunity of engaging with our skills directly while also minimising hands that problems will go through, which allows us to create quick, concise solutions to anything that may arise.

Hayden Harvey Wise Allies

Hayden Harvey

Sydney, Australia

A marketing, sales & strategy planning expert who loves to see brands and businesses reach their potential.

Julian Waller Wise Allies

Julian Waller

Auckland, New Zealand

A commercial finance guru with extensive experience helping build successful commercial & operating models



Clarity is our first pillar. Strategic plans must be crystal clear and easy to understand so that everybody involved knows where a business is heading and how it will get there. We look at success and what it truly looks like for a business, then create long-term, step by step plans to make it happen. It is about “seeing the wood for the trees,” cutting out the clutter and creating focus to move the business forward.


Clarity involved understanding strengths to leverage, identifying challenges to remedy and highlighting opportunities to chase.


Our second pillar is Choices. This is where we decide the “Big Bets” that will drive the business forward and focus on the activities that will make a difference.


Through this process we are able to eliminate the distractions, create focus and hone in on key strategies that will drive the business forward, while also enabling the business to develop and retain its own identity and autonomy.

Clear strategy choices
Collaboration on ambition


Our third pillar revolves around Collaboration. It is important to align the business around common ambition, purpose and goals. We aim to focus the team in the same direction so that through collective effort we can drive results to have a snowball effect. We position ourselves as partners in making this happen, this is where the name Wise Allies came from.


In a partnership our sole purpose is to assist the business, by offering our expertise and experience in strategy planning and business operation to aid in setting up essential systems and structure so that a business can eventually operate on its own.


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